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The week-long trial is just a way to evaluate a project in advance, and figure out its feasibility together.

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In case there is interest on both sides to continue, but you have exceeded the 7-day trial period, they will be extended to continue outlining all the necessary details before really starting the service.

We currently operate in the 10am - 6pm CET time slot.

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You have started what we call a '1-week free trial,' which is nothing more than a period in which we can delve into your project at no cost, so you can have all the data before you even start and optimize your time

Our team will contact you via email to connect on Slack or Discord.

You will be asked to share all the details of the project, and a Trello board will be created where you can post all the tasks.

As soon as we are ready to start, the actual service will start.


We will integrate our proprietary no-code builder DesignFlow Studio to speed updates and workflows


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